Why Choose HailUSA?


When you need us, you have access to our staffed office located in Springfield, Missouri. From our central location, the HAILUSA staff is ready to assemble and send a highly qualified team of recon technicians to you.


HAILUSA is a well-established company with the largest fleet of mobile response trucks in the United States. In business for more than 25 years, our reputation for quality and satisfaction has spread across the USA, Europe and Asia.

Liability Insurance:

HAILUSA maintains the necessary Garage Liability as well as Garage Keepers Liability Insurance policies at all times. You can rest assured that your vehicles and your operations are fully protected any time you do business with HAILUSA.

HAILUSA Warranty:

Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed—when you contract with HAILUSA, we repair your inventory to your complete satisfaction. It’s as simple as that. Quality craftsmanship us our foundation and has been for more than 25 years. We’re proud to offer our customers our warranty.

HAILUSA agrees to remove hail damage from said vehicle to customer’s satisfaction. HAILUSA agrees not to alter or change the color of the vehicle’s paint. HAILUSA warrants that dents will not return as long as the customer owns said vehcle, barring further abuse. Any nuisance from said repair must be repaired by HAILUSA and at HAILUSA’s expense.

HAILBOOKS Storm Management System:

To make the repair process more efficient and effective for our customers, HAILUSA uses bookkeeping software designed specifically for recon professionals.

HAILBOOKS is a unique bookkeeping program our technicians use to ensure accuracy and help them keep track of their work. HAILBOOKS also makes it easy for you to keep track of the work being done on your vehicles. With HAILBOOKS:

  • Daily status reports for customers
  • Real-time vehicle tracking to see where they are in the repair process
  • Each vehicle’s VIN is scanned for accuracy and easy tracking
  • Electronic information and invoices eliminate paperwork and reduce handwritten errors

So after the storm, when the damage is done, you can count on HAILUSA for your onsite repairs. Give us a call at 855-HAIL-USA—we have a recon team ready to head your way.