Exceptional Service. Whenever. Wherever.

When the storm hits, HAILUSA is ready. With our Disaster Response Units, we can be onsite within hours to assist your organization in whatever capacity you require.

We Are Your Calm After The Storm

After the storm, when the damage is done, count on HAILUSA. Recognized across the country as one of the largest and most trusted hail repair companies, we have decades of experience and a network of more than 1,000 highly trained technicians ready to show up any place, any time.

From our central U.S. location, HAILUSA is ready to dispatch a team of highly qualified professionals to your site, including world-class repair technicians and our own on-staff licensed Property and Casualty Adjusters.

Emerging as leaders and innovators within the industry, HAILUSA was one of the first to set up local disaster centers in areas affected by major hailstorms, offering a unique and accommodating approach to hail damage repair.

Our expertise has taken our exceptional technicians from coast to coast and around the world, repairing damaged vehicles in Japan, Europe and Australia.

Auto dealers, manufacturers, insurance companies and the general public rely on us and our commitment to:

  • Your satisfaction—guaranteed
  • our lifetime warranty

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Fully Licensed and Insured

We take them all.

Don't worry - no matter what insurance company you have, HAILUSA works with them.